To the First of Many

Hey everyone!

Not only is it my birthday today, it’s also the day that this blog goes public. I’m extremely excited to have a space where I can write about anything I want (but I already know that I’m going to write mostly about makeup and skincare).

I used to run a beauty blog called Makeup Game Strong, but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to access it, so I’m pretty sure that now it’s just broken code traveling through the world wide web (I clearly don’t know how the internet works). Anyway, in the months that I haven’t been writing, my friends would ask me where my blog went because they wanted to check my reviews. It really pained me to say that my blog didn’t work anymore, especially since I knew it would’ve gotten views and would have probably helped people stuck in makeup and skincare quandaries. I’ve also been filled to the brim with ideas for different posts, but I didn’t have a space to publish them in.


And now here we are. Rebranded to feel more ~grown up~ (I just turned 23 now, after all) and ready to conquer the lifestyle blogging world one post at a time.

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