Fashion Favorite: I.M. Presa Circle Shawls

When it comes to keeping myself warm, I’ve always been a cardigan type of girl. Scarves and shawls were reserved only for those who actually experience winter weather and, well, the Titas of Manila. It was only last month that I started getting into the whole scarf look, and I’ve been obsessed ever since. The particular brand of scarves I’m really into is I.M. Presa Circle Shawls.

The I.M. Presa Circle Shawls are infinity scarves that can be worn in many different ways. I love how they’re so multi-functional; owning one feels like owning 10 different kinds of accessories. There are three particular ways I like to wear mine: as a scarf looped twice around my neck, as a cover-up, and as a shawl. The material it’s made of is super soft and breathable; I never have any problems with it wrinkling. I didn’t think that keeping your neck warm was a thing, but it is! It’s also a great way to dress up an outfit.

Whenever I wear just a sports bra to yoga, I usually tie the shawl around my torso before and after class to cover myself up. It doesn’t slip down when I wear it this way, and I actually think it looks really cute like this. It would be great to use as a cover-up at the beach as well, and if you’re daring enough, you could probably wear it as a tube top on a day out.

Using the infinity scarf as a shawl is my favorite way to wear it. Sometimes jackets, cardigans, and coats can be a little too much, especially when it isn’t that cold. The Circle Shawl keeps me (surprisingly) warm, but never too warm. I also love how the scarf can make my sundresses work appropriate. The shawl I’m wearing in the photo above is in the shade Burnt Umber, and it’s my favorite one (I own a lot…). They come in so many more colors, and they’re also quite affordable at Php350. You can order them at the I.M. Presa Facebook Page and you can follow them on Instagram!

Overall, I’m obsessed with I.M. Presa Circle Shawls, and I love them so much that the very first fashion post of this blog is about them.

What’s your fashion fave? Let me know in the comments!

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