Fishy Queen

I was playing around with my new Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit when I decided to create this mermaid-esque look. This looks has been done by beauty gurus time and time again, so I wanted to create my own take on the whole mermaid look. I don’t have a lot of greens and blues in my makeup arsenal, so I went for violet and silver scales instead.


To create the scales, you need to use some sort of mesh to cover your face like a stencil. Don’t laugh, but I used a laundry bag. It was the only thing I could find that worked! Anyway, I used violet eyeshadow and blended it over the mesh, concentrating on the parts of my face that I usually contour with bronzer. I took my ABH Aurora Glow Kit and blended the shades Spectra (an iridescent lilac highlight) and Orion (an iridescent blue highlight) over the mesh on the parts of my face where I normally apply my blush. I took the shade Luna (an icy pearl highlight) and blended it over the mesh where I usually place my highlight. I also highlighted my nose and Cupid’s bow with this shade.

For my eyes, I combined the shades Luna and Orion on my lids, inner corner, and lower lash line. I added a bit of Luna to my brow bone as a highlight, and I tied the look together with the blue They’re Real! Mascara from Benefit. After grooming my brows with the Glossier Boy Brow, I applied some of the blue mascara to them as well. Lastly, I took my Stila Liquid Metal eyeshadow and used it on my lips. It left my lips super glittery, and I think it really pulled the look together.

And there you have it! I had a lot of fun playing around with this look, and it makes me want to do more creative looks like this for future posts.

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