Beauty Essentials Class DONE!

Last week, I finished the Beauty Essentials course at MUD Studio Manila. As I mentioned in my post about going to makeup school, the Beauty Essentials class in an introductory course to beauty and corrective makeup, and it’s a prerequisite for the Level 2 courses that I’ll be taking in March.

My batch had only 3 students (including myself), and it’s great because a small class size means that our teachers will be able to attend to all of us. We were taught by seasoned makeup artists like Miss Georginna Desuasido and Miss Kris Bacani. They’ve been in the industry for years, so I’m really grateful that they were able to teach us!

As someone who already had experience with makeup application prior to the course, I thought there wouldn’t be much that I already didn’t know, but I was definitely wrong. On top of all the makeup essentials that we received, we were given a textbook and workbook that included study questions and exercises. As a former literature major, I really appreciated the theoretical side to makeup application, and as an aspiring makeup artist, I loved being able to see that theory being practically applied. One of the lessons that I really enjoyed was the one about eyeshadow. They not only teach proper eyeshadow application, they also present the different eye shapes and what kind of application would be perfect for each of them.

The course took place over 12 days, and we took each lesson slowly. We would usually tackle one element of the face per day (ex. day 1 was base, day 2 was corrector, etc). It was great because it meant that we could really absorb the lesson properly. The course culminates with final written exam and practical exam. We were able to bring models during the last week of class so that we could practice for our finals.

I really enjoyed the course, and I can’t wait for the Level 2 classes. March can’t come any sooner! You can check out the looks I did on my friends, and my MUD Class story highlights on my Makeup Instagram.

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