iSkin Aesthetic Lifestyle: First Impressions

My sister received two complimentary treatments with iSkin Aesthetic Lifestyle clinic, and she invited to me try them out with her. The treatments were a Diamond Peel and an Ultrasonic Face Contour (valued at Php3000). My skin was feeling pretty rough and congested, so a Diamond Peel sounded really good to me.

We went to the branch located in BGC. The clinic is in a fairly new building, and it seems to be one of its first few tenants. The interior was bright and inviting, and the receptionist quickly assisted us, offering us water or juice. The interior was polished and clean, with baroque decals adding an air of class to the clinic.

Before our treatments, we each had a consultation with the iSkin aestheticians. I was asked if I had any concerns about my skin that they could address, and I mentioned that my skin had been feeling congested. On top of the Diamond Peel, the aesthetician suggested a facial to extract the blackheads on my face. I opted not to get the facial, but I appreciated the suggestion. I had gotten Diamond Peels in the past, but I had no idea what an Ultrasonic Face Contour would be like. The aesthetician explained to me that they use a machine that emits radio frequencies to “melt” the fat on your face, making it look more contoured.

I was led to the treatment room; it was very calm and dim. The treatment started with the Ultrasonic Face Contour. They cleaned my skin and applied a very cold gel to the parts of my face where the machine would touch. The aesthetician began massaging my face with the machine, pushing down on the natural contour of my face. It was pretty relaxing, and I could feel the warmth of the machine on the inside of my cheeks.

After the Ultrasonic Face Contour, the aesthetician wiped my face and began the Diamond Peel. It wasn’t painful, and it felt good to know that my face was being properly exfoliated.

I was told the treatments would last an hour and a half, although I found that they were quicker than that. I noticed my face was a lot smoother, and I even noticed the slightest bit of definition from that Ultrasonic Face Contour. I imagine that going for that treatment regularly would yield a very defined contour.

Overall, it was a great experience. My skin felt really good after, and it was a nice and relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

Have you tried any treatments at the iSkin Aesthetic Lifestyle clinic? Let me know in the comments!

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