This Lip Balm Saved My Lips

I don’t know what it is, but my skin has been feeling so dry lately. This feeling has extended to my lips, and I was surprised to find them feeling really flaky. That honestly never happens. I slathered my lips with the lip balms I already have, but to no avail. That’s when I decided to repurchase an old favorite of mine.

The Nuve Rêve De Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm is a beeswax-based balm that promises to nourish, repair, and protect the lips. It’s formulated with Honey and precious oils like Sweet Almond Oil, Lemon Oil, and Grapefruit Oil to restore the lips. Usually, the balm comes in a small jar with a white lid, but Nuxe came out with different designs, so I got the “Nature” one. Despite the different designs, the formula remains the same.


The lip balm is thick and waxy, and despite being super moisturizing, it leaves the lips with a matte finish. It smells of Grapefruit, although it is very subtle and inoffensive. I leave the lip balm on my bedside table, and I usually reapply it every 4-5 hours, or after I eat. I find that it doesn’t feel too heavy on the lips, and it sits pretty well under makeup.

As I said earlier, this lip balm is an old favorite. I had put off repurchasing it for so long because it’s pretty pricey at Php650 a jar. My lips had been okay with cheaper lip balms, but I really needed something heavy duty to combat the flakiness and dryness that I had been experiencing lately. I repurchased the lip balm and began using it 4 days ago, and my lips are already back to normal, and softer than ever.

Upon researching the brand, I found out that Nuxe is really devoted to the conservation of nature; not only do they use biodegradable and recycled packaging, they also support NGOs that work on improving the quality of water production, like 1001 Fontaines, and they invest in bee preservation and sponsor pesticide beehives in France. Now I don’t feel too bad about spending Php650 on lip balm!

Overall, the Nuxe Rêve De Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm is incredible. It’s a Holy Grail product for me, and I believe that the quality and effectivity of the balm and the ethical advocacies behind the brand really justify the price of it.

Have you tried this lip balm? What is your Holy Grail lip balm? Let me know in the comments!

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