On Finishing Makeup School

My last day with Make-Up Designory was this past April 3, so this post is long overdue. We were given a break for the whole of February, and I was super excited to start class again because it felt like I was entering new territory. The Beauty Essentials class was great, but since I already had experience with doing other people’s makeup, I wanted more of a challenge and more learning opportunities. The Level 2 classes include Airbrush Makeup, Bridal Makeup, Studio Makeup, and High Fashion Makeup.

Airbrush Makeup

The airbrush makeup class was taught by our previous Beauty Essentials teacher, Ms. Georginna Desuasido. Guys, airbrush makeup is no joke. We first learned the parts, maintenance, and proper handling of the airbrush gun before we got to use it. Our first couple of days consisted of exercises on paper, and I didn’t think my fingers could cramp up, but they can. We learned how to use the airbrush to apply base, contour, and blush, and even eyeshadow, eyeliner, and eye brows. What’s funny about the airbrush is that you think there isn’t any foundation being applied on the face until you’ve put way too much. It’s all a matter of practice.


Bridal Makeup

Our teacher for this course was Ms. Precious Medina-Atunez, a seasoned makeup artist who specializes in bridal makeup. Since bridal makeup is essentially beauty makeup (which is what we learned during the Beauty Essentials course), Ms. Precious emphasized the importance of perfection, taught us the key to a long-lasting makeup application, and how to grow and maintain our business. I was really appreciative of this course because I really had no clue about what it takes and what I have to invest in order to make my brand and my business as a makeup artist grow.

Level 2 class with Ms. Precious (fourth from the left)

Studio Makeup

This course was taught by Ms. Georginna again, and we were taught the ins and outs of makeup in the film industry. This was a really fun course because we got to do a lot of character makeup, including the importance of analyzing scripts and character studies. As someone who has had experience with stage makeup (and even as a Literature major), I love reading scripts and picturing how characters would look in productions. We were also taught the different mediums in which film is recorded, and the do’s and don’t’s when you’re doing makeup on set. I love how Ms. G has so much experience in the film industry and is able to tell us a lot of anecdotes about her experiences in it.

1940s Character Study

High Fashion Makeup

This course was also taught by Ms. G, and it had everything to do with makeup published in print. Since the reader has an extended view of the makeup, it’s important for the application to be perfect. In this course, we learned how to do makeup for black and white photography (which looks INSANE in color), and we learned how to do a proper smokey eye. I really enjoyed this course because we got to showcase our creativity in beauty makeup.

Level 2 class with Ms. G (fourth from the left)

We ended our stay at MUD with a professional photoshoot for our portfolios. I did an airbrushed bridal look, a traditional glam look, and an editorial look using gold leaf. I’m really happy with how the photos turned out, and I think they really show how much I learned with the school. I am now proud to say that I am a Make-Up Desgnory-trained internationally certified makeup artist!

Check out my portfolio and my beauty Instagram for more looks! Please don’t hesitate to contact me for inquiries and bookings!

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