REVIEW: Pat McGrath Labs MTHRSHP MEGA: Celestial Odyssey Palette

When Pat McGrath Labs launched its MTHRSHP MEGA: Celestial Divinity Palette last year, it was well-received and highly reviewed. The 18-pan palette came at a price point that was way more attainable than the brand’s iconic Mothership palettes. While it didn’t include Mother Pat’s special Blitz Astral formula, it still had rich, pigmented shades that were easy to use and it was a great way to try out the brand without having to shell out a ton of cash on eyeshadows. That’s why it came as no surprise when PMG launched another MTHRSHP MEGA palette for its 2021 Holiday collection: the Celestial Odyssey Palette. I’ve had mine for a while (I ordered it right when it launched on September 23) and I’ve used it a ton since I got it. Here, I’ll be sharing what I think about it.

The Celestial Odyssey Palette is a limited-edition piece from Pat McGrath Labs’s 2021 Holiday collection. It has 18 creamy, pigmented shades that come in five finishes: sateen shimmer, 24K duochrome sparkle, foiled metallic, velvet matte, and iridescent sparkle. They’re supposed to blend effortlessly on your eyes and can be used wet or dry. The shades were inspired by gemstones and they were made to suit every skin tone.

L-R: Saturn Sunset, Rose Venus, Gold Galaxy, Noir Moon, Bronze Nova, Nocturne, Galactic Glow, Sunrose Amber, Lotus Luxe, Lunar Haze, Electrique, Heavenly Body, Bronze Eclipse, Solar Flare, Nirvana, Corrupt Copper, Palladium, and Citrine Envy.

This palette has been a regular in my beauty rotation recently, and that’s probably because of how inspiring its color story is and how easy the shadows are to work with. PMG Labs has gotten a bit of flack recently for releasing pink-centered palettes over and over again (think Divine Rose, Divine Rose II, and Huetopian Dream Mothership palettes). I already have Divine Rose II, so seeing a well-balanced color story in Celestial Odyssey really excited me. There are still a few pink tones, but I think they make a lot of sense in this palette. My favorite shades are Lunar Haze, Nirvana, Corrupt Copper, and Citrine Envy. It’s a really versatile palette that you can create endless looks with. I don’t even feel like I’m missing out on the Blitz Astral formula because the shades and finishes in this palette are all so stunning.

The shades are really blendable and easy to build up. The shimmers are super creamy and the mattes, while a bit more powdery, are really pigmented and are easy to pack onto the crease to give structure to the eye look. The shadows are also really beginner-friendly, so if you’re a makeup newbie, I think you’d still be able to get a lot of use from this palette. You’ll be free to play around without worrying about troubleshooting any mistakes like smudging and patchiness. Because of how pigmented the shades are, there is a bit of fallout when using them. My tip would be to do your eyeshadow look first and then clean up under your eyes before doing your base.

Three eye looks using the Pat McGrath Labs Celestial Odyssey Palette

Storytime: I ordered the palette from PMG’s website (yes, they ship to the Philippines!) and received it with the shade Citrine Envy cracked. I was really sad about it since I was excited about getting the palette. I emailed PMG’s customer service and received a reply that night. They just asked for my invoice details and photos of the palette, and they delivered a replacement palette a week later. I didn’t have to send back the original palette or anything. It was such an easy and quick experience and it made me love the brand even more.

Overall, I am truly in love with the Pat McGrath Labs Celestial Odyssey Palette. It’s so fun to use and I love its color story. I also have the Celestial Divinity Palette and while the formulas are similar, I just love the shades in the Celestial Odyssey Palette way more. If you’ve been wanting to try the brand or if you want a new palette for the holidays, I highly recommend this one. It’s so exciting and I’m certain that once you have it, you won’t stop reaching for it.

The Pat McGrath Labs MTHRSHP MEGA: Celestial Odyssey Palette is available at for P4,100.

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