A Review of the Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar

Like many Filipinas, I too occasionally suffer from an oily and congested scalp. I’ve never tried clarifying shampoos; I’m afraid they’ll strip my hair too much, but it’s all good because I have my handy-dandy Rinsing Vinegar from Yves Rocher. In this post, I’ll explain what a Rinsing Vinegar is, how I use it, and the effects it has on my hair and scalp.

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A Review of the Benefit Foolproof Eyebrow Powder

Brow powder is pretty much my eyebrow product of choice. I prefer it over pencils and pomades. Even when I do other people’s makeup, I draw them and fill them in using powders. With that said, I’m super picky about the brow powder I use. A lot of the brow products in the market come out really brown, and they tend to look muddy and fake against my already dark eyebrow hairs. I tend to go for more grey brow powders, and those aren’t that easy to find. One day, I found myself in Benefit, and couldn’t help but purchase their Foolproof Eyebrow Powder. I hadn’t really heard anything about it, but the one in the shade 5 caught my eye because it came with grey and neutral dark brown colors. I knew I had to try it, and now I’m ready to share my thoughts on it.

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Beauty Essentials Class DONE!

Last week, I finished the Beauty Essentials course at MUD Studio Manila. As I mentioned in my post about going to makeup school, the Beauty Essentials class in an introductory course to beauty and corrective makeup, and it’s a prerequisite for the Level 2 courses that I’ll be taking in March.

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I Tried Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Parabens, Triclosan, Pthalates, and Formaldehyde. These are just some potentially damaging ingredients commonly found in skin and haircare products. Among the roster is Sulfates. More often than not, you can find Sulfates in the ingredient list of most shampoos, so why is it that some brands try to do away with the ever-present component? While browsing at Yves Rocher, I came across Sulfate-free shampoo and decided to give it a try, and to see if there really is a difference between shampoos with Sulfates and without it.

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The Ultimate Skincare Post

This is one of my more ambitious posts as in it, I’ll be outlining my complete skincare routine, including once a week maintenance rituals and troubleshooting. Wow, I made my face sound awfully like a computer. Anyway, I realized that I needed a change from my simple skincare routine (check it out here) because my face pretty much started to plateau. My skin looked okay, but not great, so I decided to mix it up with product changes and additions to my routine. Before we get started, you might notice that a lot of the products are by Rraw PH. This is in no way a sponsored post; I just hauled a bunch of stuff from them last month to incorporate into my routine. You know how much I love local and wholesome products!

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I’m Going to Makeup School!

Happy New Year! I must say I’m very excited for 2018 because I’ll finally be going to makeup school! I’ve been a freelance makeup artist for quite some time, and being self-taught is nothing to be ashamed of (it’s impressive even!), but I recognize that I still have so much more to learn, especially if I want to build a career out of my passion.

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My Current Obsession: Clue

No, I’m not talking about the board game. Clue is a period and ovulation tracker for iPhone and Android, and I find it to be one of the best period tracking apps I’ve ever used. Tracking your period is very important. When you track your period, you begin to notice patterns or irregularities in your cycle. You’ll be able to get a good idea of when you’ll be ovulating, PMSing, and getting your period. It’s also important to have a record of it when you visit an OB-GYN; usually the first thing they ask you is when the first day of your last period was. Clue provides a smart and easy interface for you to track your cycle.

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A Review of the Slay Colors Lipsticks

Despite my enormous collection of lipsticks, I always like to try new ones. Enter Slay Colors. They’re a Philippine-made indie cosmetics brand that caters to strong, fearless women. They’re fairly new to the beauty scene, but that doesn’t stop them from empowering independent Filipinas by creating bold, high-quality lipsticks for them. I have the shades Razia and Nightingale, and in this post, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on them.

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Ganda for All: A Review of the Vice Cosmetics Good Vibes Lipsticks

With celebrities like the Kardashians/Jenners and Rihanna launching their own makeup lines, it was only a matter of time before Filipino stars started their own beauty lines as well. Filipina actress Anne Curtis-Smith launched BLK Cosmetics last September (and I really want to try her products!), and recently, comedian and actor Vice Ganda launched his lipsticks and lip kits under Vice Cosmetics. I was able to get my hands on some of the Good Vibes Lipsticks (an impressive feat considering that they’re mostly sold out), and in this post, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the two shades I got: Ganderz and Pak Ganern.

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On Forming Healthy Habits

This post is a little different from what I’m used to writing about. I’ve deemed this website a “lifestyle blog” when I made it, so I think it’s about time I write about, well, my lifestyle. In an effort to maximize my self-care, I’ve taken to forming habits that help me achieve peace, calm, and fulfillment. This post outlines my healthy habits (some I stick to better than others), and hopefully this inspires you to create habits that are borne from self-love.

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