Beauty Roundup: My Top Picks For Bronzers

One step I never miss when I do my makeup is bronzer, and that’s because it can do a lot of things for your face. It can add warmth to your complexion, sculpt your face, and even correct a base that’s too light for you. Seriously, applying bronzer can take your makeup from pale andContinue reading “Beauty Roundup: My Top Picks For Bronzers”

Local Lippies: A Review of Colourette Coloursticks in Sahara and Chelsea

I’m always on the lookout for a good nude lippie, and lately I’ve been loving colors with more beige and orange tones instead of the usual pink shades that I tend to go for. I had been hearing a lot about Colourette, a local brand that makes use of all-natural ingredients, and I decided toContinue reading “Local Lippies: A Review of Colourette Coloursticks in Sahara and Chelsea”

My Everyday Makeup Routine

Doing my everyday makeup look is pretty much all muscle memory for me now. If I tried, I’m sure I could do it with my eyes closed (okay, maybe not, but you know what I mean!). For this post, I thought I would share the makeup that I use to create my everyday face. It’sContinue reading “My Everyday Makeup Routine”