REVIEW: Pat McGrath Labs MTHRSHP MEGA: Celestial Odyssey Palette

When Pat McGrath Labs launched its MTHRSHP MEGA: Celestial Divinity Palette last year, it was well-received and highly reviewed. The 18-pan palette came at a price point that was way more attainable than the brand’s iconic Mothership palettes. While it didn’t include Mother Pat’s special Blitz Astral formula, it still had rich, pigmented shades thatContinue reading “REVIEW: Pat McGrath Labs MTHRSHP MEGA: Celestial Odyssey Palette”

All About My Eyeshadow Palettes

There’s nothing quite like playing with eyeshadows. I think they’re some of the most exciting things in a makeup collection and can help you achieve a bunch of different looks. Even a neutral palette can test your creativity! Since I’m a makeup artist, I have quite a few palettes (or at least, that’s how IContinue reading “All About My Eyeshadow Palettes”

How to Do Your Eye Makeup If You Have Hooded Eyelids

I had a really hard time figuring out how to apply eyeshadow when I was just starting out with makeup. No matter how many tutorials I watched, I couldn’t match my eye makeup to those of the beauty gurus. I soon realized that it’s because I have hooded eyelids (and a lot of the YouTubersContinue reading “How to Do Your Eye Makeup If You Have Hooded Eyelids”

The Zulu Eye Shadow Palette by Juvia’s Place

I have way too many eye shadow palettes as it is, but that didn’t stop me from acquiring The Zulu Eye Shadow Palette by Juvia’s Place. I was debating on whether to get this or the mini Masquerade Palette (also by Juvia’s Place), and I ultimately decided on The Zulu because, while the Masquerade PaletteContinue reading “The Zulu Eye Shadow Palette by Juvia’s Place”