My Current Obsession: Clue

No, I’m not talking about the board game. Clue is a period and ovulation tracker for iPhone and Android, and I find it to be one of the best period tracking apps I’ve ever used. Tracking your period is very important. When you track your period, you begin to notice patterns or irregularities in your cycle. You’ll be able to get a good idea of when you’ll be ovulating, PMSing, and getting your period. It’s also important to have a record of it when you visit an OB-GYN; usually the first thing they ask you is when the first day of your last period was. Clue provides a smart and easy interface for you to track your cycle.

With Clue, you can enter the data for the day. You don’t have to be on your period when you use Clue; it tracks other things like fluid, pain, digestion, and emotions. You can even add more tracking options like exercise, appointments, hair, and skin. It tracks things I didn’t think would be significant to my cycle, but actually are. The more you use the app, the smarter it gets, and it can make predictions about when you’ll be ovulating, when you’ll be PMSing, and when you’ll be getting your period. Clue isn’t psychic, so the predictions may not be too accurate, but it’s good to get a general timeline of your cycle anyway.

There are also explanations within the tracking options in case you’re not sure about what you’re experiencing. It’s really educational, and it makes tracking my period a lot more fun. I also love how it also lets you input whether or not you’re on the birth control pill as I’ve been on it for a while now to ease my PCOS. It’s really extensive as it asks what kind of pill you’re taking and the frequency of when you take the pills in the pack. Since birth control pills are time sensitive, it will also remind you when to take it (you can choose whether or not you want your phone to alarm). Since I’m on the pill, the tracker doesn’t show any ovulation/fertile days (since you don’t ovulate when you’re on the pill). If you’re not on the pill, it’ll show and predict your fertile days and ovulation day.


I think one of my favorite parts about this app is that you can share your cycle with your friends, and they can share their cycles with you. I just think it’s fun to see if you’re syncing with your friends. It also lets you know when they’re PMSing, so you’ll know when to tread lightly with them.


Overall, I really love using the Clue app! There’s no excuse for you to not track your cycle when it’s already so convenient for you to do so; the app is free in the App Store! On top of being easy to use, it’s also really informative, and it helps you understand your body better.

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